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Discover a world of style with our home decor line, featuring 100 new products every month to transform your living space.

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Well-developed logistics

Based in Yiwu, China's Commodity City, we leverage a top-tier logistics system, ensuring reliable delivery times.

Low Minimum Order

Embrace the freedom of flexible order quantities. Whether you need a small batch or a large shipment, we have you covered. No worries about the inventory.

Innovative Product Creation

We release more than 100 new products every month to meet the needs of different customers and provide them with the latest trends.

Robust Supply Network

Our 10 years of experience has accumulated 300+ stable suppliers and competitive prices for us, ensuring quality.

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Our Export Countries

Our export network spans across 50 countries, encompassing a diverse range of markets from North America to Asia, Europe to Africa, and beyond, showcasing our global reach and versatility.


Your product, Your Canvas:
Tailor-Made for You!

From concept to creation, we offer OEM&ODM to our customers. Whether it is the product or the packaging, we can provide personalized customized service.

Prior to customization, we will determine the color and location of logos/patterns based on the color and size of the product, or you can provide elements and ideas for us to offer a complete design solution. Different techniques are suitable for different products: digital printing is often used for textiles, while color painting, silk screen printing, and laser engraving are popular for home decor and kitchenware. To know more, follow us!

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Customized Packaging Solutions: Tailored to Meet Diverse Client Requirements

We provide different packaging options to cater to various customer types. For supermarket customers, we can offer display box packaging to enhance the shelf impact of their products. For e-commerce customers, we have secure packaging such as mailer boxes to protect the products during shipping. Additionally, we can create beautiful and functional packaging for retailers to add value to their products.

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